A Gift unwrapped - The new Haval JOLION

All new Haval JOLION

Life is complex. It has become more complex in recent months. Car buying has changed, car selling has changed. Consumer needs have changed. Consumers have changed. The world is changing every second. Isn’t it time car makers change? GWM’s answer to this is we have changed, are changing and will continue to metamorphosize into a company that offers smart mobility solutions to the global market with cutting edge technology – which is being released outside of the borders of mainland China due to recent advances. Here’s the story.

Firstly, GWM internationally has adopted a new mentality towards innovation. Not just in terms of product innovation but innovative thinking and innovative approaches to the Customer and Research and Development, bringing the customer to the centre of the situation or making our mindset customer centric, we have expanded our approach from making the product the centre of the design and research process and we now look at the process from both perspectives. We want to build cars that become more than just mobility devices, they will become man’s best friend, a family member, a protector and an extension of you. This customer centric approach doesn’t come easily or instantly. Over the last year, GWM has been promoting our self-transformation with the concept of "user-centred" and accelerated our transformation into a "global mobility technology company". The second way we feel we have kept our trajectory is we have focused on technology through R&D. GWM has invested heavily in a new platform to create greater depth of variant catering to a broader customer expectation. GWM R&D has led to industry leading tech in Hybrid technology, integrating autonomous driving, intelligent cabins, efficient fuel consumption, and alternate energy in terms of EV as well as Hydrogen Power laying a solid foundation for future development. In 2020, GWM totally invested 21.22% more YoY into R&D. By the end of 2020, GWM had an R&D team of more than 19,000 persons, which accounts for over 30% of the total number of employees of the Company.

What does all the above mean to South Africa?

HMSA through GWM’s Global support will carry a greater understanding for our consumers’ needs bringing vehicles with high tech smart solutions that you need in everyday life, for every scenario or lifestyle that you may live while you drive, or not. That is why we bring you Haval Motor South Africa’s latest offering, JOLION.

The all new Haval JOLION is the brainchild of many hours of this relentless research and development and its quite easy to see why the name plate JOLION which means “First Love” was chosen for this young beauty. At first glance the futuristic expressive design catches your eye. As a Phil Simmonds design you can see the artistic fashionable statement the overall look makes which is further accentuated by the front and rear LED Vison tail lamps extending into the styling lines giving JOLION a sporty yet elegant look whilst keeping a wide body stance. The Split Design Day time running lamps add to the futuristic appeal. Chrome finished accents from the diffuser to the branded side garnish add to the overall elegance.

The interior feel is premium and sporty, a combination rarely felt in small to mid-sized SUVs. Every element, much like that of a fighter pilots’ cockpit, is ergonomically interconnected and easily with reach of the driver. There’s even a place under the gear shifter for your handbag if you’re a lady. The attention to detail inside the cabin is class leading with soft touch materials and personalized Haval branding welcoming you everywhere while white stitching on the steering wheel, the dash and luxurious seats extends the feeling of opulence and elegance. The feeling of space is what’s most astounding when entering the vehicle but what catches your eye most is the high level of technology packed into the vehicle.

Todays Urban lifestyle demands we embrace technology like never before and so does JOLION. The centre console houses a beautiful and innovative Rotary Dial shifter in Auto models. This progressive design saves space in the cabin but also adds to this new need urban lifestyle technology era. This together with the Electronic parking brake, wireless charging station, floating 12.3” infotainment and smart touch panel and to the harmonious cabin ergonomics. Looking into the dash, the Virtual Instrument Cluster has three visual modes personalising the driver experience while the Heads-up display shows your relevant speed and driver assist information whilst keeping your eyes safely on the road ahead. Push button starting is standard as well as keyless entry is standard fitment across the range. To stay connected, JOLION also features charging ports for driver and front passenger as well as for two rear passengers. If travel is your thing, JOLION is for you with a boot space of 33L of luggage space when the seats are up and 1133L when down in a 60:40 split configuration. Whether you want a fuel saving eco warrior or an adrenaline fuelled sport mode, there’s a mode for every mood.

Safety is always our number one priority and JOLION answers the need perfectly. JOLION features EPB, Cruise Control, Dual and Front airbags, Child locks, ABS and EBD as well as electronic stability control and traction control. Anti-Roll, Secondary Collision Mitigation, Hill assist, Tyre pressure monitoring system, rear park sensors and blue tooth, these features aren’t optional, they are standard on all variants.

As always Haval has left it all out there in terms of specifications. JOLION comes in 5 variants namely Manual transmission City model and Luxury while the seven speed DCT auto will have the city, Luxury and super luxury versions in 6 colour option.

There has never been a better time to be alive. To be in Love. To drive. To drive and love and live, JOLION.